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A RAY OF HOPE · 10 days of godspell · 7. most inspiring cast member (2/2) » Uzo Aduba

"When people come to see Godspell they are often reminded of an innocence long forgotten, and they are also reminded of the things that matter most: love and hope. There is always hope. I know Godspell [reminds] me of that, and it is my desire to do the same for our audiences every night." (x)

"My full name is Uzoamaka Nwaneka Aduba. It is Igbo, and my first name is actually a sentence meaning ‘the road is good’ (Uzo a maka). Igbo names have meaning and are done with purpose and intention for their children. My parents named me Uzoamaka because despite any trial in whatever stage of their lives, ‘the road is good’ because it caused them to eventually meet, marry and have me. I now apply that to life. No matter what the journey might bring, no matter how hard the journey, I know Uzo a maka." (x)