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forms of transphobia you should watch out for in your speech and thought processes

  • casual cissexism: associating genitalia/body parts with gender, statements like “god i’m such a lesbian i love vaginas” and “guys don’t understand periods at all” or anything that implies people with vaginas and breasts = female and people with penises = male
  • nonbinary erasure: phrases like “opposite gender”, statements that imply male and female are the only genders
  • intersex erasure: phrases like “opposite sex”, statements that imply there are only two sexes and that everyone is born with strictly a vagina or penis
  • assuming gender based on appearance: if you don’t know someone’s gender, don’t assume they are female and don’t refer to them as “she” just because they appear dfab or femme. don’t use gendered terms to refer to someone whose gender you do not know.

A lot of these are hard to change about your day-to-day life, but absolutely easy to do on Tumblr. The first one in particular is a huge problem for me personally on here.

And it really extends past statements of genitals and includes assumptions of childhood experiences and socialization. I don’t want to get caught up in the huge mess of the “all men” feminism issue, but do I think there’s good reason to think before asserting that something is common to or not experienced by all men.

I personally can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance and having to remind myself that just because the post says all men, and just because it’s completely exclusive of my experiences, doesn’t mean that I’m not a man. It’s made me unfollow a number of people who blog about things I agree with and care about. And I mostly avoid feminist blogs prophylactically. Because Tumblr is supposed to be fun, not make me feel like my experiences are unimportant.

Specifying cis men (unless you’re 100% sure that the post in question pertains only to people who were dmab and feel comfortable with that) can be worse. Because at least when someone says all men, I know they’re generalizing and erasing a lot of experiences, not just mine. But with cis men, it’s basically someone else (generally cis) deciding (often inaccurately) what being trans excludes me from.





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Since the day I could think I’d had this idea in my head, this piercing notion that life was completely meaningless. Me and everyone else, we were just treading water until our bodies gave out and we sank back into the darkness. When you feel like that 24/7, you might as well get fucked up beyond belief, cause you don’t believe in anything in the first place.

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Anthony Mackie photographed by Jakob Axelman

If a female student got drunk and had her car stolen the university would call the police. If she got drunk and had her computer stolen, they would call the police. If she got drunk and had her phone stolen, they would call the police. The fact that she was drunk would not even be factored in when assessing if a crime had been committed. But if she gets drunk and has her body invaded and her humanity stolen, school administrations are perplexed about what to do.

International Human Rights Activist Michael Simmons offered these words (via Facebook) in response to the May 3, 2014 New York Times’ “Fight Against Sex Assaults Holds Colleges to Account” article. (via kenyabenyagurl)

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Ten Things You Didnt Know (and Didn't Care To Know) About Being Bisexual



Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Bisexuals

  1. Bisexual men are 50 percent more likely to live in poverty than gay men
  2. Bisexual women are more than twice as likely to live in poverty as lesbians
  3. Bisexual men and women are at least one-third less likely to disclose their sexual identity to their doctors than gays or lesbians
  4. In comparison with lesbians and gays, bisexuals have a higher lifetime prevalence of sexual victimization.
  5. Forty percent of LGBT people of color identify as bisexual
  6. Bisexual women are almost six times more likely than heterosexual women to have seriously considered suicide, and four times more likely than lesbians
  7. Bisexual men are almost seven times more likely than heterosexual men to have seriously considered suicide, and over four times more likely than gay men
  8. Bisexual employees are eight times as likely to be in the closet compared to lesbian and gay counterparts
  9. Fifty-five percent of bisexual employees are not out to anyone at work
  10. From 2008 to 2012, only $5,000 in grants were awarded to bi-specific projects or bisexual organizations.

[Sources: The Williams Institute, Bisexual Invisibility: Impacts and Recommendations, National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, Sexual Research and Social Policy]

we’re here, we’re queer and we’re a lot more valid in our anger than you’d like to admit

Things are different now, I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you.

Ratchet is a racialized term. So is ghetto. So is thug. So is welfare queen. Someone does not have to EXPLICITLY say the word “black” in order for something to be racist against black people. Speaking in flagrantly racist terms is one of the least sophisticated manifestations of racism today.

TemperedFury on Philip DeFranco’s, creator of the YouTube channel Philly D, use of racialized language.  (via knowledgeequalsblackpower)

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Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly, 2013


Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly, 2013

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Karen Gillan attends the premiere of Guardians Of The Galaxy on July 21st, 2014 (x)

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